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Are you looking for Car Battery for your vehicle?

Optimal car battery efficiency is necessary for the proper functioning of several vehicle components. A failing battery can result in sudden engine breakdowns. So, you should get professional inspections of car batteries Chingford to make sure your car battery is in optimal condition.

RM Auto Centre Ltd. is a reliable automotive centre offering comprehensive services related to battery-related issues. Our highly experienced team uses modern tools and equipment to conduct car battery servicing Chingford at affordable rates.

Factors Affecting Battery Efficiency

Although car batteries last for around 5 years, they can die prematurely due to various factors. They are:

  • Driving in extreme conditions
  • Damaged wirings
  • Loose circuit
  • Compromised alternators
  • Worn-out terminals
  • Non-stop electric drains
  • Malfunctioning charging system
  • Leaving a car idle for a long time

Warning Signs Of A Malfunctioning Car Battery

A faulty car battery will show the following symptoms:

Pungent Odour

Sulphur accumulation around the battery terminals caused by a leakage emits a strong, pungent odour. If you find such a smell while opening the car hood, make sure to visit us for professional battery service Chingford.

Slow Engine Crank

Do you know a damaged car battery can affect the ignition system? As a result, you can experience a slow engine crank every time you start your car. Feel free to get an expert opinion from us on noticing this symptom.

Bloated Battery Case

A dying car battery tends to overheat, causing the battery cases to bloat. This is a glaring sign of reducing battery efficiency, and it should be addressed at the earliest.

Dim Headlights

Malfunctioning car batteries fail to supply enough power to various electrical components. So, you may notice dim headlights on your vehicle. Make sure to get a battery check Chingford from us as soon as possible.

How Can We Help?

At our facility, technicians inspect your battery components carefully to find underlying issues and offer reliable solutions accordingly. They check components like alternators, cables, terminals, wires, charging systems etc.

If you are looking for battery repairs London, please note that due to safety concerns repairs are not possible. A damaged battery always needs replacing.

We stock only the best, long-lasting batteries as replacement options for damaged or exhausted car batteries.

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