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Are you looking for Chain or Belt Failure for your vehicle?

A timing belt or cambelt is a rubber chain that ensures smooth rotation of the pistons, valves and crankcases. This ensures optimal engine performance. However, the rubber compounds in these belts are prone to impact damage and tear after prolonged usage. So, in case you see signs of a malfunctioning engine, make sure to opt for a cambelt check Chingford from our professional centre at RM Auto Centre Ltd. This will help you steer clear of safety issues, and you will enjoy an uncompromised driving experience.

Please note: Most leasing companies have a section in their leasing contracts about cam belt/timing chain changes. Make sure you read this section and get any changes done on time if necessary to avoid a fine.

Symptoms of a broken Cambelt

A damaged cambelt generally exhibits the following signs:

  • Oil leakage near the engine
  • Check engine light comes to life on the car’s dashboard
  • Loss of power while driving
  • Ticking sound from the car engine
  • The engine will fail to start even after turning the ignition key several times

If you come across any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should consider opting for a cambelt replacement Chingford at the earliest. This will help you avoid further complications and costly repair- or even engine replacement bills in the long run.

About Our Cambelt Service Chingford

Optimal functionality of the cambelt is crucial for the vehicle’s combustion process. Our technicians firstly conduct a thorough inspection of the cambelt and also have a look at your vehicle’s manual to see manufacturer’s recommendations on timing belt/chain replacement. We take utmost care during the check and ensure no associate parts get damaged. Following this, we will replace the damaged cambelt with OE-grade spares. The best part is that we only stock superior quality spares for different vehicle makes and models.

Put an end to your search for “timing belt repair and replacement near me” and let us help you.

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