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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement for your vehicle?

The primary objective of a car clutch is to cut transmission to the engine to change gears. However, it does more than that. The clutch prohibits the engine from stalling when driving at minimum speeds and also slows your vehicle down when you press the clutch pedal.

Frequently engaging and disengaging the clutch in city traffic leads to natural wear that cannot be avoided. However, such damage should be repaired at the right time to avoid more serious issues.

For such purposes, RM Auto Centre Ltd provides exceptional services for clutch repair. Irrespective of what problems your car clutch might be exhibiting, we have got a resolution for all.

Note that the majority of times, a clutch assembly cannot be repaired and has to be replaced.

How to know your car’s clutch is malfunctioning

Clutch slippage

A slipping clutch is one of the most common symptoms. Clutch slippage essentially means that the clutch plate is not engaging or disengaging, which makes shifting gears difficult. When you release the clutch, it will also cause the engine’s RPM to go up, but there will not be any increase in acceleration.

Faults with pressure plates, clutch linkage, or motor mounts in addition to contamination caused by transmission oil or engine oil leaks can lead to clutch slippage.

In such situations, it is advisable not to ignore such issues and avail a clutch service at the earliest.

Soft clutch pedal

The clutch pedal must always be a bit rigid when you press it. If it feels soft and goes down without any effort, there is some underlying problem.

Other than being smooth, the pedal can also emanate squealing noises when pressed or vibrate.

You must opt for our clutch replacement services as soon as possible to avoid further significant damages.

Unusual noises when shifting gears

Any unusual noise that you come across when shifting gears indicates that the clutch is not engaging properly. Particularly, a faulty clutch will emanate grinding noises, which may become more prominent with time.

When your car is in neutral, you may also hear weird noises that die down when you press the clutch pedal.

There are several other causes of clutch problems. Irrespective of what issue you are experiencing, visit RM Auto Centre Ltd for clutch repairs as soon as possible..

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