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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair for your vehicle?

Similar to any other vehicular component, a car’s exhaust system can also suffer significant damage with usage and time. Several issues can arise, including increased emission of toxic gases, reduced fuel efficiency, etc. Also, a malfunctioning exhaust system will lead to MOT test failure. Car owners must turn to a trusted workshop for regular routine exhaust checks to prevent such issues.

If you are seeking a professional car exhaust check Chingford, we suggest coming to us - RM Auto Centre. We are a reputed automotive service station offering comprehensive exhaust services Chingford for all car segments at very reasonable rates. Our team of experienced technicians thoroughly check all components of an exhaust system and accordingly offer replacements if necessary.

Importance Of The Exhaust System

A vehicle’ exhaust system helps in smooth functioning while ensuring that the car maintains environmental standards. This system is involved in:

  • Filtering harmful pollutants from exhaust fumes
  • Channelling out toxic by-products, ensuring that the vehicle runs smoothly
  • Preventing toxic fumes from entering the vehicle cabin, hence protecting the health of the vehicle’s occupants

Signs And Symptoms Of Exhaust Issues:

Reduced Acceleration And Power

Engine efficiency and performance deteriorate when a car’s exhaust malfunctions, and the flow of exhaust gases from the engine is restricted. The car will not accelerate as it normally does because of reduced engine power in such a condition.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you need to fill the vehicle’s fuel tank more than usual, it can be a sign of a faulty exhaust system. If there is an exhaust leak, the engine will have to work harder, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

Burning Smell Near The Engine

If the gasket fails and starts leaking close to the engine wiring or any plastic component under the bonnet, the heat from the exhaust gases can burn some of the parts, resulting in a burning odour.

Engine Noise

While several issues can lead to engine noise, a malfunctioning exhaust system is often the reason. An exhaust leak can be responsible for hissing, thudding or rumbling noises, and most likely, the leakage occurs in the exhaust manifold.

How Can We Help?

At RM Auto Centre Ltd, we use the latest equipment for a thorough inspection of every component of a vehicle’s exhaust system, including:

  • Silencer
  • Gaskets/Isolator
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Tailpipe, etc.

Thoroughly inspecting these areas helps our experts detect any underlying issues and decide the most appropriate solution. As repairing malfunctioning exhaust components is usually not possible, we offer cost-effective exhaust replacements using OE-grade spares to ensure utmost safety.

Before we start any work, we will certainly explain to you what needs doing and give you an accurate estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

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