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Are you looking for Gearbox Servicing for your vehicle?

If you are looking for “gearbox servicing near me”, then RM Auto Centre is the place to go. We are a reliable automotive facility offering professional services of gearbox servicing Chingford at affordable rates across all major car models.

Common Signs of Faulty Gearbox

There are some common signs which indicate that your cars gearbox needs servicing. They are:

Difficulty In Shifting Gear

If you have to apply a lot of force to change gears, it is a clear sign of a malfunctioning gearbox.

Unusual Sounds While Gear Shifting

Banging or clunking sounds while changing gears is also a major indicator that your gearbox needs urgent professional attention.

Check Engine Light Turning On

The check engine light turning on, among other signs, can indicate malfunctions of the gearbox.

Leaking Gearbox Fluid

A cracked gearbox will cause fluid to leak out. This will eventually result in low fluid levels and lead to associated problems. So, if you find red fluid under your car while it is parked, getting your gearbox checked is a must.

Delayed Response While Changing Gears

When you are accelerating and the gear does not shift in time, it is a clear indication that some component is not functioning properly in the gearbox.

Slippage Of Gears While Shifting

Due to the lack of transmission or gearbox fluid, the gear components may become worn out and resulting in slippage of gear shifting. Replacing your gearbox is the best option in this case.

Smell Of Burnt Rubber

The smell of burnt rubber or smoke is a clear sign of a malfunctioning gearbox. Get professional help immediately if you face this issue.

Noises When At Neutral Gear

If your car rumbles at neutral gear, it’s a sign that your gearbox fluid needs to be changed.

Reach out to us today if you find any of these symptoms.

In case of gearbox servicing, we will check all the components of your car’s transmission such as:

  • Gearbox
  • Propeller shaft
  • Clutch disc
  • Clutch pedal
  • Flywheel
  • Synchronisers
  • Selector fork
  • Gearbox and transmission fluid level
  • Bearings and others

After the necessary checks we will replace the faulty components with OE-grade spares. If required we will also provide a refill of the transmission or gearbox fluid to ensure optimal functioning of the gearbox.


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