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The correct tyre size is vital for maintaining superior performance and on-road safety. So, before you purchase tyres Chingford for your vehicle, you should have a clear understanding about the tyre size.

RM Auto Centre Ltd. is a professional automobile workshop hosting a team of experts.

On this page, these experts would like to explain how to “read” a tyre.

Consider going through the following guide about tyre size in order to make an informed buying decision.

Tyre Size Guide

Here one example - tyre size 195/65 R15 82H.

195: This number demonstrates a tyre’s width in millimetres.

65: Expressed in percentage of the full tyre width, the number ‘65’ signifies this tyre’s aspect ratio or profile height.

R: This letter represents a tyre’s construction. ‘R’ means this tyre has radial construction. Other construction types are Diagonal Cross Ply (D) and Bias Belt (B).

15: It denotes this tyre’s rim diameter in inches.

82: This is the maximum weight a tyre can sustain, also known as the tyre load index. In this case, the model can sustain a maximum load of 475 Kg at a fully inflated condition.

H: It represents the speed index or the maximum speed of a tyre model. This value ranges between A1 to Y. H denotes this variant can run safely up to a speed of 130 mph.

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