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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Experts recommend a routine wheel alignment check every 10,000 miles to ensure on-road safety. Misaligned wheels can damage your car’s tyres, suspension system and other parts.

So, visit RM Auto Centre Ltd, a reputed vehicle workshop offering affordable wheel alignment services Chingford for all major car makes.

Highly experienced technicians from our facility set the wheel angles to their optimal position using the latest wheel alignment technology. This guarantees a safe handling experience and extended tyre life.

Thus, if you notice symptoms of wheel misalignment, visit us for a detailed inspection of your vehicle's axle geometry. Our technicians will offer accurate and prompt wheel alignment checks and rectifications at reasonable rates.

Causes of Misaligned Car Wheels

Several factors cause car wheel misalignment. Some of them are:

  • Suspension issues
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Accidents
  • Hitting curbs, driving through potholes or over speed bumps at higher speeds
  • Driving on uneven road surfaces
  • Improper wheel installation
  • Damaged vehicle components
  • Inaccurate tyre pressure

Warning Signs of Inaccurate Wheel Alignment

You should visit us for a professional service of wheel alignment Chingford if you find the following signs:

  • Excessive and uneven tread wear on the inside, outside and both edges
  • Vibrating and off-centred steering wheel
  • Compromised car handling
  • Car drifting in one direction when you drive on a straight road at a constant speed
  • Reduced fuel efficiency

So, call us on 02085298282 or 07495226415 as soon as possible if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, and get an affordable service of wheel alignment Chingford.

How Do We Perform Wheel Alignment?

Our in-house technicians possess sound knowledge of car wheel angles and technical intricacies associated with them. So, they can identify any discrepancy in these angles and restore them as per the manufacturer's guidelines easily.

They use advanced sensors and cameras to check these three wheel angles:


When viewed from a vehicle's side, the caster measures the angle between a car's steering axis and its wheels' vertical axis. It is responsible for stability and steering precision.


A front view of car wheels shows that the camber is the inward or outward angle of the car wheels with the vertical axis.


If you view your car wheels from the top, the angle formed towards or away from their axis is the toe angle. Any misalignment in this angle can result in poor manoeuvrability and grip.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our experienced technicians are always up to date with the latest alignment techniques.
  • We use the recent aligners to ensure accurate wheel alignment in the least possible time.
  • Our experts offer professional vehicle repair and replacement services, including wheel alignment, at market-best prices. We also have a fair pricing policy.
  • Now you can book our services including wheel alignment online from our website for extra convenience.
  • We offer a pickup and collection service and provide courtesy vehicles on request.

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